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I wish to inform you that the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is currently looking for applicants for its Summer School which will take place in Berlin on July 4th to 10th under the theme «Europe meets Russia: a Forum for Young Leaders». The Program will bring together young professionals and students interested in the relationship in question for a program of lectures, workshops, group discussions and cultural excursions featuring leading figures from the fields of politics, the arts, academia, media, and business.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The goal of the ICD is to promote global peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels. Over the past decade the ICD has grown to become one of Europe’s largest independent cultural exchange organizations, hosting programs that facilitate interaction among individuals of all cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds, from across the world.

Europe Meets Russia: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMR) is an active network of young, dynamic, and influential people from across the world who have an interest in the European-Russian relationship. The program has been developed in recognition of the importance of the relationship between Russia, Europe, and the global political system. Once they have joined the EMR Forum, members are supported by the ICD in organizing leadership initiatives, conducting academic research, and are invited to join the ICD Online Forum - enabling them to share information and communicate with likeminded individuals across the world.

The Next EMR Weeklong Seminar will take place in Berlin from July 4th – 10th, 2011and will focus on the theme: «Mutually Assured Dependence: European-Russian Relations in the 21st Century»

Program Agenda

The following issues will be mentioned and explored:

· Current state of affairs: European-Russian relations since 2000

· The possibilities of closer cooperation after the economic crisis in the scope of rising economies (Brasil, India, China)

· The role of culture in promoting dialogue between Russia and Europe: cultural exchange and influence

· Defining Europe's and Russia's 'sphere of influence': EU expansion, Russia's 'near abroad', the Eastern Partnership and other European neighbourhood policies

· The role of soft power and the strategies adopted by Russia and Europe in terms of foreign policy

· Energy security: mutual and opposing interests between Russia and European countries

· The effects of (digital) media, language and culture on Russian and European Relations

· Political and economic cooperation between Russia and European countries: the possibility of a common European policy (bilateral or multilateral agreements)

· European-Russian security interests: START, the European Security Treaty and Anti-ballistic Missiles

· Diverging perspectives on Europe's stance towards Russia: shared and opposing attitudes in Eastern and Western Europe

· A one way street? Russian-European cooperation on human rights, democracy and freedom of speech

To apply click herehttp://www.culturaldiplomacy.org:80/cde/index.php?en_cde_application-form. Please address any additional queries to info@culturaldiplomacy.org

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