photo 6 января 2011
Ksénia Filatova


Szczecin, Poland
Start Date
21—23 Sep 2011
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Meeting Description
Who is «Us» and Who is «Them» after 9/11 – Reflections on Language, Culture and Literature in Times of Ideological Clashes
Call Deadline

Guidelines for submissions

For culture/history/politics

Is the international community heading towards a Second Cold War? Will growing xenophobia in Europe not only put an end to the visions of a multi-/transcultural society, but also finally harm or even do away with the democratic traditions of European cultures? Are «emergencies» created and for what ends? What do we learn from the previous ideological clashes and global conflicts?

For literature

To what extent does literature respond to the new challenges? Are there any innovative approaches?

For linguistics

Can we already discover discourses of fear, hate, anger or their binary opposites? How are the notions of «freedom», «terror» or «identity» culturally/linguistically defined?

For education

Can English as a lingua franca help to communicate a more tolerant picture of the «Other»? Or does it simply cover up cultural differences? Why does language policy matter in building a better future?


200-300 words
Deadline for abstract submission
end of February 2011
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