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Ksénia Filatova


Questioning European Values: Discursive Constructions of Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Start Date
11—13 March 2011
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The widespread enthusiasm for Europe from the beginning of the 1990s is largely being replaced by equally widespread resignation. It seems that the European political project is continuing more on inertia than on genuine political, social, and economic ideas or coherent programs. At the same time, the social, economic, and political problems that have caused disappointment and disillusionment among the peoples of Europe are very real and persistent. The aim of this conference is to explore how social, political, and economic crisis of Europe is discursively constructed on the one hand, and how this crisis of popular political and social imagination is discursively represented (in policy documents, in the media, in arts).

Plenary speakers

Professor Bo Strath
Renvall Institute, University of Helsinki.
Professor Bob Jessop
Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.
Professor Andreas Musolff
School of Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia.
Professor Chris Lorenz
Department of History, VU University, Amsterdam.
Professor Jonathan Charteris-Black
Department of English, Linguistics & Communication, University of the West of England.

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