photo 1 сентября 2010
Ksénia Filatova


The conference will be devoted to issues of retelling, rewriting, and representation of the past in fiction and political discourse, and their translations and adaptations; to the discussion of how history becomes a text, and how texts create history. Within the category of 'fiction', we invite the discussion of traditional literary genres and film, as well as less commonly researched text types: comic books, graphic novels, computer games and role-playing games, blogs and websites.

We welcome submissions in the following research areas:

  • personal and collective history, memory and identity in language and fiction
  • ideological visions of history, postcolonial perspectives and revisions
  • censorship, propaganda, power relations and re-evaluation of the past in literary fiction and discourse
  • translation and adaptation as re-writing and re-assessment of history
  • interactive history, historical games and reenactment
  • history, alternative history and future history in speculative fiction
  • perception, stylistic and textual markers of historic authenticity
  • discourses and rhetoric of historic and political change
  • discursive production and reproduction of ideologies
  • intertextuality and mediation of historical events

Registration and abstract submission guidelines:

REGISTRATION FORMS with short abstracts (250 words) should be sent to no later than 15 September 2010 (extended deadline).

Individual papers should take 25 minutes, followed by discussion. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 22 September 2010.

Apart from traditional papers, we invite student and academic workshops — please CONTACT US with a description of the activities you would like to conduct.

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