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France: Scholarships for Students from China, India, Brazil and Russia

Thales group – French Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Telecom ParisTech : Scholarships for students applying from China, India, Brazil and Russia

Thales Academia, in a programme with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, proposes scholarships to students with rankings in the top 5% of their Universities and wishing to apply to the MSc Programmes of Telecom ParisTech. In 2009, scholarships of 13 000 Euros each were awarded to 7 MSc students of Telecom ParisTech applying from India, China, and Russia.

For details and application you are required to enrol for the course in Telecom ParisTech that you have chosen and to apply for the scholarship by following the indications on the Thales Academia Web Site at

Scholarship application deadline: March 26

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