Спасибо Альберту Зульхарнееву за предоставленную информацию. Если не ошибаюсь, то он сам закончил программу в CEU.
CEU History Department offers fellowships for graduate students

The History Department at CEU Budapest offers fellowships for 1year and2year MA
programs. The programs start in September 2010. Deadline forapplications is January
25, 2010.

Central European University,Budapest, is the only transnational English-language
graduate school inEurope that is accredited both on our continent (in Hungary) and
theUnited States.

The History Department is a highly cosmopolitanplace of learning, a site of
transnational academic socialization wheresophisticated scholarship is combined with
an easy-going atmosphere andsocial relevance. See www.ceu.hu/history

The student body isjust about half men and half women. In recent years it
includedstudents from all across Europe, Central Asia, the Near and MiddleEast,
Central and North Americas, even the Pacific. Altogether,students from over thirty
countries have studied here. Virtually all ofthem receive grants, fellowships, as
well as other forms of needs- andmerit-based financial assistance.

The faculty, staff, andstudents are cosmopolitan and multilingual; permanent and
recurrentvisiting faculty comes from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary,Poland,
Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States. Thecurriculum is
comparative, interdisciplinary, and up-to-date with themost recent developments in
scholarship. The major subject areas are:
- Historical Studies: Theories, Methods, Skills, Historiography
- Social and Political History in a Comparative Perspective
- Ethnicity, Nations, Nationalism and Empires in History
- Culture, Religion and Intellectual History in a Comparative Perspective

Itis possible to concentrate on a number of special subjects orspecializations,
especially ones that, from a wider global perspective,may be regarded as defining
the historical identity of the region, suchas Jewish Studies, Ottoman Studies,
History of Science, or ReligiousStudies.

Applications are invited for two MA programs: inone-year (Master of Arts in Central
European History), designed forstudents who have completed at least a four-year
Bachelor's degree; andin two years (Master of Arts in Historical Studies, offered
jointlywith the Department of Medieval Studies), designed for those who
havecompleted a three-year Bachelor's degree. There is also a PhD programin
Comparative History of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe).Apply at

Deadline: January 25, 2010.

Forinquiries about the admissions process or programs for graduatedegrees, or for
any other questions about the department, please emailto history@ceu.hu

CEU History Department on Facebook:

History Department
Central European University
c/o Zsuzsanna Bajo
Nador u. 9
H-1051 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 327-3022
Fax: +36 1 327-3191
http://www.ceu.hu/history (http://www.ceu.hu/history)

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