What’s new in Triple I
September 2009

Second application round for mobilities starting in 2009/2010
The second application round is open for

  • doctorates and postdoctorates from Europe and Russia in all TGs
  • masters and undergraduates from Europe.

The application system will be open from 14 September to 30 October, 2009.

The selections for this application round will be made in November in Turku.
Preference is given to applicants from Algarve, Deusto and Pultusk, and to Irkutsk, Novgorod and Petrozavodsk.

We have also published a new FAQ page for grantees at http://www.utu.fi/en/iii/grantees/faq.html.
NB! LOT4 and LOT5 grantees have different forms!

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