Modular doctoral program

Central European University is an internationally recognized institution of graduate education in the social sciences and the humanities. CEU serves as an advanced center of research and policy analysis, facilitates academic dialogue and provides an environment in which the next generation of leaders and scholars can meet and interact.


The program is designed for the junior faculty of HESP supported institutions* and HESP AFP Partner Departments** who would like to pursue modular studies for the degree of PhD or SJD (for legal studies students) at the Central European University. A modular doctoral program allows the students to work on their dissertation while remaining at the same time closely connected to their home departments. It is a flexible program with an individualized approach that does not require continuous residence on the university premises. The program is divided into modules, some of which require the student’s presence at CEU (e.g. coursework modules), while some others can be completed at a distance (e.g. fieldwork, writing up).


An applicant for a modular doctoral program should be a faculty member currently teaching at one of the HESP supported institutions or HESP AFP Partner Departments. All applicants must secure a letter of support from their department head confirming that they are allowed to enroll in a modular doctoral program and that they will remain in employment throughout the course of their studies***. The letter should indicate clearly which Department the applicant is teaching at and which CEU Department/s the applicant is planning to apply to. A scanned version of the original letter must be submitted to Tatiana Yarkova at no later than November 30, 2009. Eligibility decision will be announced by the end of 2009. After their eligibility has been confirmed, the applicants should apply to CEU using the regular application procedure. An applicant for a modular doctoral program should meet standard CEU and relevant Departmental requirements. An application can be made to any CEU Department that offers a doctoral program, with the exception of the Department of Mathematics and Its Applications. The application deadline for a modular doctoral program to commence in the academic year 2010-11 is January 25, 2010. For further information on the admission process please visit Please note that all quires about the admissions process and application status should be addressed to the CEU admissions office.

Financial Aid

The tuition fees for this program are covered by CEU, and the stipend and travel expenses are covered by HESP for up to six years of doctoral study for selected applicants. Students of modular doctoral program are entitled to a maximum of five return trips to CEU in the course of their studies, and a stipend for a maximum of 26 months, to be broken up between six years based on an agreement between the student and the Department.

For further information, please contact your local AFP coordinator or Tatiana Yarkova at


International Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute
For the list of HESP supported institutions, please see
Please note faculty of institutions from EU countries are not eligible to apply
Academic Fellowship Program
For the list of HESP AFP Partner Departments, please see
Please note faculty of AFP Partner Departments from EU countries are not eligible to apply
HESP employment
Please note that HESP reserves the right to discontinue PhD support in case of change of employment

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