Students’ Research Conference “Europe 2009: a New Neighborhood”
Date: May 16-17, 2009
Site: Vilnius, Lithuania
Organiser: European Humanities University
Topics: The European Humanities University’s annual student research conference aims at discussing cutting-edge issues in politics, law, and culture in their European dimension. Undergraduate and graduate students from Belarus, Lithuania, and internationally are invited to participate. Conference panels: Law and Democracy: challenges of the epoch; Belarus and European Identity; Belarus-Lithuania: history and memory; Museum in the Cultural Context; Art and Philosophy in the Contemporary World; Mediatexts: reading, understanding, critique; Private vs. Public in the Context of Gender Theory; Politics and Society: Contemporary Political Studies. A book of conference proceedings will be published after the conference. Students with most interesting presentations will be awarded prizes.
Language: Belarusian, Russian, and English
Fee: No participation fee
Deadline: for applicants, requiring a visa to enter Lithuania – April 5, 2009; for applicants without a need in a visa – May 5, 2009
Contact: conference organizing committee

International conference “Feminism and Philosophy: rethinking Simone de Beauvoir”
Date: June 18-19, 2009
Site: Vilnius, Lithuania
Organiser: Centre for Gender Studies at European Humanities University; Culture, Philosophy and Arts Research Institute (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Topics: The following topical areas are suggested for the discussion: Becoming Woman: feminist scholars’ contribution to contemporary philosophy; Personal and Political in the philosophy of existentialism; Translating Simone de Beauvoir; Reading Simone de Beauvoir: the reception of the Simone de Beauvoir’s ideas in the Eastern Europe; Metaphysics and the everyday life: on the transcendental and transient in philosophy; Autobiographical Self in the intellectual history of feminism; Feminism and political philosophy today; Feminist epistemology; Gender(ed) preferences in philosophical writing genres: philosophy or/and literature?; From Louise Labé and Tullia d'Aragona to Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray: feminist interpretation of “love”; The philosophy of childhood: becoming adult and shaping gender and intellectual identity in philosophical scholarship; Sexual differences and embodied experience as objects for philosophical analysis; Philosophical institutions: feminism as a challenge? A book of conference materials is planned to be published after the conference.
Language: Lithuanian, Russian and English
Fee: No participation fee
Deadline: April 25, 2009
Contact: Almira Ousmanova (Centre for Gender Studies, EHU), Audrone Zukauskaite (Culture, Philosophy and Arts Research Institute), Evgenia Ivanova (Coordinator of the Centre for Gender Studies, EHU)

Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Politics of Memory and Democratization in Europe
Date: September 10-13, 2009
Site: Riga, Latvia
Organiser: The Advanced Social and Political Research Institute at the University of Latvia
Topics: The international conference focuses on the politics of memory after the collapse of the Soviet bloc. This conference will be multi-disciplinary, including political science, history, legal studies, sociology and communication studies. Sections will be devoted to the following topics: The politics of memory and the future of democracy in Eastern Europe; German experiences and their European relevance; The 'new wave' of memory politics: the role of the EU; Transitional justice and legal aspects of the politics of memory; Eastern European historiography and its transformations; The politics of memory in Russia: domestic and international issues; The politics of memory and collective memory: conflict or dialogue?
Language: English
Deadline: April 30, 2009
Contact: Dr. Timofey Agarin, Riigiteaduste Instituut, Tartu Ãoelikool Tiigi 78-246, 50410 Tartu, Estonia
Tel.: +372 5637 5543

International Conference on Youth Transitions
Date: September 11-12, 2009
Site: Basel, Switzerland
Organiser: The University of Basel and the Swiss youth panel survey TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment)
Topics: The conference is aiming at exploring current youth transitions research in a multidimensional and multidisciplinary perspective. The focus of the first conference day is on exploring methodological, technical and sampling aspects with regard to TREE in particular, and large youth cohort surveys in general. Beyond methodological and technical issues, the second conference day focuses on opportunities and limits of (internationally) comparative research in the field of youth transitions. More specifically, the TREE panel survey and associated research activities are to be examined in relation to ongoing and planned youth cohort research initiatives at the European level.
Language: English, French, German
Deadline: April 15, 2009.

7th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy
Date: September 14-25, 2009
Site: Pavia, Italy
Organiser: The Human Development, Capabiland Poverty International Research Centre at the Institute for Advanced, Study of Pavia (Italy), under the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philosophy and the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy
Topics: This two-day conference is meant to offer graduate students an opportunity to present papers, get helpful feedback in a friendly atmosphere, and exchange ideas both with peers and with leading academics in the field of political philosophy. In addition to parallel sessions devoted to students’ presentations, there will also be two plenary sessions. Papers may focus on any area within political philosophy, and presentations should take no longer than twenty minutes to allow at least another twenty minutes of discussion.
Language: English
Fee: Conference registration is free of charge. Paper givers will be offered accommodation in local university colleges. Accommodation fees and details will be arranged individually. Anyone who wishes to attend the conference without presenting a paper can write to check availability.
Deadline: May 24, 2009

Recasting the Peaceful Revolution of ´89. Roots and Legacies
Date: October 22-24, 2009
Site: Stockholm, Sweden
Organiser: Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University
Topics: The aim of the conference is to gather scholars from all relevant disciplines who are engaged in researching the peaceful revolutions that ended the cold war - the events themselves, the social, political and cultural changes, which led to the transition into different types of market democracies, and the long-term effects of the change. The geographical focus will be on the formerly 'socialist' states west of the Soviet Union (plus all of Germany). Aspects of change within the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia will be considered, if they are put in the context of developments in the focus area. Conference themes are: The paths of/to the soft revolutions; The memories of '89; Expectations met or broken promises? The legacies of the 1989 events.
Language: English
Deadline: April 06, 2009
Contact: Executive secretaries: Anna Nilsson, Dominika Polanska

Russia’s Internal Colonization
Date: March 23-25, 2010
Site: Passau, Germany
Organiser: Alexander Etkind (Cambridge, UK); Dirk Uffelmann (Passau)
Topics: At this conference, the organizers intend to construe the concept of internal colonization as a new interdisciplinary paradigm for Russian Studies. Some of the questions that will frame this debate will be: Was Russia an empire and what constituted its colonies? How did the relationship between internal and external colonization change throughout Russian imperial history? How did the Russian Other oscillate between the not entirely estranged Svoi and the not entirely assimilated Chuzhie? Contributions on specific authors, historical periods, genres of culture, etc. are welcome, as are theoretical papers.
Language: Russian
Fee: The organizers will be able to cover the costs of accommodation as well as breakfast, lunch and coffee during the conference. Additionally, the organizers have sufficient funding to contribute towards your travel expenses if needed. Details will be negotiated individually.
Deadline: May 31, 2009. Please include a preliminary title of your contribution, an abstract of 200-300 words, and a short CV.
Contact: Prof. Dr. Dirk Uffelmann, Universität Passau, Innstr. 25, 94032 Passau, Germany
E-mail: and

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