photo 14 марта 2009


The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) is delighted to announce the
launch of a new program Europe meets Russia: A Forum for Young Leaders,
will take place in Berlin from April 28th — May 2nd, 2009. By taking part in
Europe meets Russia, young leaders will gain insight into cultural
diplomacy, and learn from influential figures. Students and young
professionals will develop contacts on social and professional levels
through the participation of interesting lectures, challenging workshops,
and discussions, that cover the state of the European-Russian relationship,
and how it influences economic, political and societal relations today.
The ICD is now accepting applications for participants with an active
interest in the issue.

Please see the following link for further information, including the
application form:

For specific inquiries into the program, please contact us at:

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is an international, not-for-profit,
non-governmental organization concerned with the promotion of intercultural
understanding. Our activity includes conducting research into cultural
diplomacy and the organization of leadership initiatives. ICD Programs have
been developed to facilitate intercultural exchange at the grass roots,
civil society and political levels. Participants are encouraged to develop
their own leadership initiatives, which are supported through an online
forum and personal consultation.

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