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Внимание! Это та самая международная программа, в которой принимает участие УрГУ. Руководитель от УрГУ проф. В.И. Михайленко.

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window
Integration, Interaction and Institutions - Triple I

The objective of the Triple I (Integration, Interaction and Institutions) Project is to create an active network of Russian and European universities who cooperate multidisciplinarily and multilaterally and promote innovation through joint research, education, and exchange of experience and good practises. In particular, the Triple I mobility scheme forms new connections and links between partner universities and increases their capacity for international and interdisciplinary cooperation. Triple I also contributes to better recognition of studies through ECTS system.

Triple I mobility scheme consists of 246 grant holders who will start their studies or research in the academic year 2008-2009. Of these grant holders 180 are Russians and 66 Europeans. Partner universities’ students and staff represent 82 % of the mobilities, but the scheme is open also to Russian students and academics from non-partner universities, Russian professionals and public administration personnel outside the academic sphere, teachers in regional educational systems and the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation.

There has been two applications rounds in Triple I scheme, see For grantees, and in total 182 grants have been approved so far.

The responsibility for this web portal lies with the Triple I partnership, and the Commission of the European Communities nor the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture is not responsible for the information contained in the Triple I pages.

Third Application Round

The online application form is now open for applications for studies or research in 19 European and Russian Triple I partner universities starting in spring term 2009. In total, there are 62 grants available: 35 for Russian nationals and 27 for European applicants. All mobilities must start on 31 March 2009 at the latest. The length of the grants vary from 6 months up to 34 months depending on the mobility type and the Target Group. For detailed information of grants available and preferences concerning the host and home university, please check here. Deadline for applications is 12 November, 2008 at  2 p.m. Finnish time (GMT +2).

The Selection Committee meeting is scheduled for 15 December, 2008 *

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Валерий Михайленко


Поздравляю студентов 4 курса Е. Лапушкину и Е. Брнитнер, выигравших гранты по программе Erasmus Mundus Windows.
Е. Лапушкина получает 6 тыс. евро для стажировки в течение семестра в университете Болоньи.
Е. Бритнер получает 6 тыс. евро для стажировки в течение семестра в университете Турции.
Лед тронулся!!!

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ВНИМАНИЕ! 5 марта начинается новый этап отбора участников (ориентировочный дедлайн — 22 апреля), все подробности на utu.fi/en/iii/

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