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Dear Students, I am writing an article on Germany's Foreign Minister Steinmeier's speech that he held in your university a few days ago on May 13th. I would like to hear your opinions on the speech: What did you like or not like about it? On which points did you agree or disagree with him? What questions did the students ask him in the discussion following the speech, and what did he answer? The article has to ready by tomorrow night, so please send your answers to me by Tuesday (tomorrow), 6pm Moscow time! Even one or two sentences would be of help. Please write in Russian, as the article will appear in the Russian version of the paper.

Please also tell me your name and study year so I can quote you adequately. Or you can write something anonymously if you prefer. Of course I can send you a copy of the printed article if you are interested.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,
Catherine Zanev

Moskovskaya Nemeckaya Gazeta

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