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Open Call for Seminar

Nationalism and Culture in Post-socialism

Instructors: Polina M. Golovatina, Christian Weitzel.

Undergraduate seminar-conference: Spring 2007 (open for graduate students too)
Time: Wed 18:30-19:50 (a subject of change). Starts on February 28 

Course Description: the seminar is devoted to the issues of national identity transformation in the countries of the former socialist bloc since 1989/1991. The module will focus on transformation of such notions as Eurasia, Europeaness, Balkans, and nation all over the region. We are going to focus mainly on the cultural aspects and outcomes of the national identities in the region, trying to scrutinize and explain the reasons of the changes, and define the main tendencies of the transformation. We are going to define such notions as globalization, regionalism, and glocalism, and look how those phenomena correspond to the everydayness in the societies of the region. The format of the seminar-conference means participation of the guest-speakers (experts on particular topics of the seminar) and presentations of the students’ research findings at certain seminar sessions.

Requirements: Working language of the seminar is English. The language of the readings is English, Russian, and German.

For the details and syllabus of the course please see the FIR forum, under the topic of comparative nationalism.

You can sign up in the forum or in person by contacting the instructors.

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Discussion Schedule:

  1. week February 25-March 4: Introduction
  2. week March 5 – 11: Problems of definition: Eurasia, Balkans, Europe/Europeaness, neighbours, homeland, nation
  3. week March 12 – 18: National symbols: space and rhetoric
  4. week March 19 – March 25: National symbols: space and cities, monuments
  5. week March 26 – April 1: Popular music: national peculiarities, popularity of ethnic music, folklore, and ethnic groups
  6. week April 2 – 8: Sport and nationalism
  7. week April 9-15: National holidays: state and traditions
  8. week April 16-22: Socialist past: attitude towards it, memories, teaching, its transformation; attitude towards history in general
  9. week April 23- 29: Movies: us vs. them
  10. week April 30- May 6: National Language: usage and transformation
  11. week May 7- 13: Understanding of distance and borders, tourism
  12. week May 14-20: Influence of globalization, glocalism
  13. week May 21-27: Finals

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