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Second Call for Applications for 2007-2008

The CEU History Department announces an extension to the application deadline for candidates interested in admission to the Master’s and doctoral programs for Fall 2007.

Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2007.

The Department is also pleased to announce an increase in the level of financial support available for admitted students, both at the Master’s and doctoral levels. While the competitive basis shall be maintained, the best MA students are eligible to receive a full CEU fellowship (HUF stipend equivalent of 460 EUR per month); many students will continue to be eligible for a partial fellowship, and a slight increase in the number of fully funded PhD places is also expected. CEU’s regular admissions requirements apply. Candidates planning to submit an application by the extended deadline can provide Certificates of English language proficiency (TOEFL or other) until 15 June 2007.

We continue to welcome applicants with an undergraduate degree in history or one of the “neighbouring” social science or humanities disciplines, and a commitment to approaching their topics of interest in an international research environment, from comparative and transnational perspectives, in our doctoral program, as well as in our one-year MA program (the launching of the joint two-year program with the Department of Medieval Studies is now planned for Fall 2008), designed as a preparation for doctoral studies (at CEU or elsewhere), or another professional career. For further information please visit our website but those with an interest may also turn to our coordinators Zsuzsanna Macht and Lívia Szélpál.

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