1. Sarajevo International Summer School on Balkan Studies (participation fee only 30 euro)2. Building Peace Skills 2006 Training Seminar «Empowering and Training Young People for Non-Violent Social Change», Crimea, Ukraine3. The Summer School on Regional Co-operation in Dubrovnic, Croatia 4. The 3rd Consecutive Global Partnership for Activism, Advocacy and Cross-cultural Training (all in-country expenses are covered by the organizers)5. PhD seminar on corporate social responsibility, Lausanne-HEC (all expenses - travel and accommodation - are covered by the organizers)6. Internship required for the Europe ProgrammeLondon, UK (unpaid, small allowance for lunch and local travel)7. MA in International Relations and European Studies, Koszeg, Hungary (a limited number of tuition scholarships) 1. Sarajevo International Summer School on Balkan Studies Date: August 14-21, 2006 The 1st edition of the Sarajevo International Summer School , organized by the Sarajevo Law Students' Association, will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina , between the 14th of August 2006 and the 21st of August, 2006, in the city of Sarajevo. We welcome all undergraduate and postgraduate students (aged 18 26) studying law, economics and other social sciences. The Sarajevo International Summer School seeks university students who have demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to political and economic liberty, regional cooperation and cultural exchange. To be eligible to attend the Summer School, students must a citizen of one of the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina , Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , Serbia & Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey or the EU countries. Main topics of the Summer School on Balkan Studies include: - history of Balkan: different nations and different conflicts- the human rights situation in the Balkans- the US and EU foreign policy toward the Balkans- the importance of EU integration. Lectures are conducted by several university professors from the Sarajevo University, experts representing American Embassy in B&H, OHR, Humanitarian Law Centre from Belgrade and NGO representatives. Students admitted to the program are expected to participate fully, which means attending all classes and lectures as well as participation into cultural and other activities. Lectures and all other activities are conducted in English; therefore, proficiency in English is required for non-native English speakers. Admissions decisions are based upon extracurricular achievements, leadership qualities and English language ability. PARTICIPATION FEE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IS 30 . STUDENTS FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA , ALBANIA, MACEDONIA, SERBIA&MONTENEGRO, BULGARIA, ROMANIA AND TURKEY DO NOT PAY THE PARTICIPATION FEE. Participation fee includes: - accommodation,- three meals per day,- local transport,- reading materials,- tours (Sarajevo and Mostar), - visiting the Sarajevo Film Festival,- different social events and parties. To be considered for admission, one must submit in English: - the application form ( download on www.usp.ba )- resume or curriculum vitae: Typed, one-page document outlining work, academic, and leadership experience. - a typed statement-of-purpose not to exceed 300 words: stating your reasons for applying to the Sarajevo International Summer School. SUBMIT ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS TO: siss@usp.ba DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS June 25, 2006. IMPORTANT! Travel costsSarajevo International Summer School cannot refund your travel costs. Travel InsuranceSarajevo International Summer School does not provide any insurance for students. Please make sure that you have your own travel insurance when you arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Participation feeWe will notify you of your acceptance by email and ask you to pay the registration fee within 14 days. Payment may be made either by bank transfer. Please note that you can guarantee your admission to the course ONLY by paying the registration fee. No letters of acceptance or invitations are sent until you have paid the fee. Sarajevo International Summer School cannot refund the registration fee in case of a cancellation. For more information please visit www.usp.ba 2. Building Peace Skills 2006 Training Seminar «Empowering and Training Young People for Non-Violent Social Change», Crimea, Ukraine The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) invites you to apply for participation in our Building Peace Skills Training 2006 in Crimea/Ukraine. We are a global network of young people and youth organisations active in the field of peacebuilding, mostly working in violent conflict and post-war regions. Our core activities focus on: networking, training, empowerment, advocacy, campaigning and practical research. UNOY Peacebuilders has a long experience in organising training seminars and has developed its expertise in this field since 1989. Aims and objectives: - to train 30 youth leaders from different cultural and social backgrounds in Europe in human rights, peacebuilding, advocacy, campaigning, project management and non-violence; - to build inter-personal and inter-organisation contact, to encourage peer review and collaboration; - to plan and implement common projects;- to offer participants a space for sharing experiences, networking and exchange, providing opportunities for dialogue, friendship building, and reconciliation;- to develop the UNOY Peacebuilders' European network. - to promote the All Different - All Equal Campaign and the UNOY Peace IT Together youth campaign for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence. Where?Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine Date:August 19th-25th 2006 , arriving the 18th, leaving the 26th Who can participate? Applicants must be from Europe (including Caucasia and Russia). Participation from Easter/South-Eastern Europe and Caucasia is especially encouraged. 30 youth workers (aged between 18 and 29), who are already involved and active in local and national associations, community organisations, youth clubs, youth councils and youth initiatives. Language:The working language will be English. Travel costs:We are still in the process of securing funding to help cover travel costs, and hope to be able to provide as much support as possible. However, we also encourage all participants to raise any financial aid possible from other sources. Application Deadline: 30 June 2006 Accommodation:We will be staying at the Taurida National University archaeological expedition camp at the ancient cave town Mangup-Kale (Bakhchisaray, Crimea). As this is a very exciting but rustic venue for our training, please be prepared for a stay at a campsite, with only the most basic facilities. Visa and Health insurance: Residents of the member states of the EU, Andorra, CIS states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Romania and Serbia and Montenegro do not need a visa for the Ukraine. However as these conditions could change, please check in with your embassy. We also recommend you to contact your insurance company and find out if its policy applies to Ukraine and which health expenses it may cover. If you are interested in applying to participate in the training seminar, fill in the attached application form. Please send the completed form together with your CV and your letter of motivation to the UNOY Peacebuilders office by e-mail by 30 June 2006. If you have any questions about the training please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information about UNOY Peacebuilders please visit our website. Contact persons: Katharina Block, Henry Wasung Address: United Network of Young PeacebuildersJavastraat 58 2558 AR The HagueThe Netherlands 3. The Summer School on Regional Co-operation The Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe, Vienna, theRegional European Information and Education Center PBC in PИcs, theUniversity of Zagreb and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of PИcs, are organising the third edition of the Summer Schoolon Regional Co-operation under the intellectual sponsorship of theDanube Rectors' Conference (http://www.d-r-c.org ).Aims of the project:- to enhance the awareness for the significance and possibilities ofregional co-operation;- to discuss and to develop strategies for the improvement ofco-operation in the region; - to bring young scientists from the countries of the Danube Regionand Central Europe together to establish a regional scientific networkwithin the European Research Area;- to foster the relations between the partner universities of the Danube Rectors' Conference and with other regional actors;- to prepare a sustainable series of events to be able to meet thetasks mentioned above.Target group:30 young scientists from the Danube Region and Central Europe who have records in Political Science or other social science disciplines.Graduates who want to present their research projects to thestudents of the Summer School in the lectures.Interested persons from regional organisations, public administration and scientific institutions.Time frame and location: The Summer School will take place between 6and 13 August 2006 at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies of theUniversity of Zagreb in Dubrovnik, Frana Bulica 4. Workshop items:1. Constitutional treaty and internal structure of the EU2. Concepts for enlargement and integration3. The social dimension of Europe4. The EU as a global playerWorking methods: Lectures by high level scientists, young graduates and experts(politicians, civil servants, representatives of regionalorganisations, NGOs, EU officials);Presentation of Best Practice projects;Presentation of papers prepared by the participants; Discussion in parallel workshops;Presentation of the results of each working group and plenary discussion.The working language is English. The results of the Summer School willbe published in a proceedings volume. Applications:Applications for participation may be handed in by e-mail or fax until30 June 2006 and have to comprise the application form (see:www.d-r-c.org/summerschool06.htm ), the CV of the applicant and anabstract of 1-2 pages of the paper that shall be presented in theframework of the Summer School. The participants are selected by ajury taking into account the guidance of the presidency of the Danube Rectors' Conference (DRC).The applications should be sent to: аgnes Nyilas Europe Centre PBC 7621PИcs, 9 MАria str. Tel: +36-72/514-800 Fax: +36-72/522-949 e-mail:nyilas@interhouse.huhttp://www.communicate-europe.co.uk/index.php?id=3970&rid=t_11670&mid=386&jumpurl=-15 4. The third consecutive Global Partnership for Activism, Advocacy and Cross-cultural Training Croatian GPACT team (Students' Association Zoon politikoN and Ab-OVO Organization for Non-institutional Education and Promotion of Youth Activism) together with Rutgers University, New Jersey calls for applicants for third consecutive Global Partnership for Activism, Advocacy and Cross-cultural Training program in Zagreb 2006. Throughout three weeks of intensive program participants will learn how to strengthen their levels of involvement in a stabilizing democratic society and acquire desirable knowledge on the work of the non-governmental sector in the region. Two weekend-trips to different locations in Croatia are planed, together with the fourth optional holiday week on the Croatian coast. All in-country expenses for the three weeks training program are covered by the organizers. Upon successful mastering of the GPACT methods on Activism and Advocacy participants will receive GPACT Junior trainer diplomas thus becoming a member of the growing network of young entrepreneurs with the possibility of joining us on the upcoming projects. For all further information contact your local coordinators or us at crogpact@yahoo.com or visit the web site: http://www.gpact.info/In attachment you will find:Application GuidelinesApplication Form 5. PhD seminar on corporate social responsibility, Lausanne-HEC Are you a doctoral student in one of the relevant fields of research such as management, political studies, legal studies, political philosophy, or any other related field? If you want to make a contribution to the debate on corporate social responsibility this is the perfect opportunity! Your participation will provide you with unique access to some of the best thinkers in the CSR debate of today and to top managers and CSR practitioners from multinational companies and nongovernmental organizations. We expect you to deliver new insights and provoking ideas that might transcend the rigid borders of the established scientific division of disciplines. Deadline: August 3, 2006 All expenses (travel and accommodation) are covered by the organizers. Participants must be currently enrolled in a doctoral program or equivalent and should not be older than 35 years old. Date and location: December 8 and 9, 2006 at the University of Lausanne, HEC Campus. http://www.hec.unil.ch/csr/YoungScholar 6. Internship required for the Europe ProgrammeLondon, UKScholarship / Financial aid: a small allowance for lunch and local travelDate: undefinedDeadline: at least three months in advance of when you hope to start your placementOpen to: the candidate should have exposure to and strong interest in human rights issues Website: http://www.eastchance.com/anunt.asp?q=115,ja,job 7.MA in International Relations and European Studies, Koszeg/Hu THE MA PROGRAM IN INTERNATIONAL AND EUROPEAN STUDIES ORGANIZED BY THE INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL AND EUROPEAN STUDIES (ISES) in collaboration with CORVINUS UNIVERSITY, Budapest provides students with the opportunity to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of international relations, economics, political science, history and sociology. ISES provides a variety of programs and services during the academic year which we hope will make your stay in Hungary a rewarding and enriching experience. You will be part of an international student body of approximately 30 students and have opportunity to meet outstanding professors from around the world. For more information on the MA program and its requirements, please see: www.ises.hu A limited number of tuition scholarships may be available for the most outstanding and needy applicants.Yuliya BaranovskaIAPSS Volonteer[t:+386 41 259 768][e: julybaranovska@yahoo.com]International Association for Political Science StudentsKongresni trg 12Ljubljana, Slovenia

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