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Black Sea Region in the New Enlarged Europe
Vadul-lui-Voda, June 30 - July 8, 2006

We are pleased to announce You that, the European Movement of Moldova, the Centre Internacional de Formation Europижenne (CIFE), France and Institut Europижen des Hautes Etudes Internationales (IEHEI), France with the financial support of the East East: Partnership beyond Borders Program of the Soros Foundation-Moldova presents the First Edition of Moldova Summer University, that will take place between June the 30th and July the 8th 2006, in Vadul lui Voda, Moldova.

The Summer School «Black Sea Region in the New Enlarged Europe» will create a favourable framework to address issues regarding the interaction between the region and the European Union to be delivered for a young interested audience and will contribute to raising its awareness on possible future interactions and their consequences.

The program will comprise various activities like: debates, round tables, meetings and discussions with notorious personalities, diplomats, journalists, etc., and other outdoor activities aimed to establish contacts for the development of a closer relationship of the youth leaders from EU and the Black Sea Region, to broaden and strengthen the knowledge about the European perspectives of the region. It will offer also information from the first source about the situation in the Republic of Moldova, the problems it is facing now and the opportunities the Neighbourhood Policy of the EU is offering to Moldova and the countries from the region. There will be organized moderated sessions in the first part of the day, which will be combined with activities focusing on establishing relations between the participants as representatives of different cultures and countries through various meetings and outdoor activities, such as visiting representative places of interest of Moldova.

The Summer school gives the participants the rare possibility to focus on the, unfortunately, less known and not fully defined opportunities offered by the Individual Action Plans. Among the objectives of the Summer School are to be considered the following:

- Offering the possibility to share views and opinions among the young leaders concerning the topics of European integration perspectives within the region; - Getting acquainted to specific aspects of European Union enlargement processes and its relation to the EU neighbouring countries; - Bringing a better understanding of cultural, social, political and economic realities of the Republic of Moldova, the problems it is facing and diminishing the existing stereotypes through establishment of new perception of the country; - Raising the public awareness regarding the new geopolitical framework in the Black Sea Region with focus on the existing and future possibilities for cooperation between the EU and the Black Sea Region countries on the topics of common interest; - Contributing to the establishment of a network for further elaboration of future joint initiatives to address problems of major concern for the development of the region and challenges for speeding of its democratization; - Encouraging the participants, as representatives of civil society, to adopt and promote a regional approach towards the Black Sea as the one adopted by EU in northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and South-Eastern Europe; - Raising the awareness on the lacking interactions and collaborations for ensuring a smooth transformation of the states from the region into viable and stable entities.

The target group of the Summer School are young leaders involved in NGO activities or students preferably of socio-humanistic studies, interested to learn more about the challenges the countries of the Black Sea Region are facing with and about the prospects for these countries' integration into EU. The summer school will bring together for a week about 35 participants from EU-member countries, from the Black Sea Region countries - Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania and from the Republic of Moldova.

The participants will be selected based on an application form (resume of experience and letter of motivation) to share the way he/she will further apply the information and knowledge obtained at the summer school. The participants should be active members of an NGO willing to actively participate at all sessions and activities of the summer school and share the information about the country and organization the participant is coming from.

The courses of the Moldova Summer University will be in English.

Interested persons may download the applicationsfrom this address: Application for Summer School.

Applications should be sent by June 5th, 2006 to the following address:

For more information please see:

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