The China and Eurasia Forum (CEF) Quarterly, November 2005 — Energy and Security (Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program) is
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About: The focus of this issue is on energy and security within the China-Eurasia region. Energy security has become one of the most important
issues in international relations today. Demand for energy is on the increase, especially in Asia, where rapid modernization has led to rising
consumption. The contributors to this issue seek to explore the implications
with this development and how it affects regional security considerations.

This is the first issue of the CEF Quarterly under new directorship. The former editors, Matthew Oresman and Malia Du Mont have stepped down, and Niklas Swanstrom has taken over as editor of the CEF Quarterly. We are very
grateful for their work and we will try our very best to continue the success of the China and Eurasia Forum.

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East Asia and the Middle East: A Fateful Energy Embrace
Kent Calder

Quest for Oil and Geostrategic Thinking
Ingolf Kiesow

China's Energy Dependence on the Middle East: Boon or Bane for Asian
Phar Kim Beng and Vic Y.W. Li

China's Foreign Energy Asset Acquisitions: From Shopping Spree to Fire
Maria Kielmas

The New Natural Gas-Based Technologies in the Context of Northeast Asia
Vladimir I. Ivanov


China's Energy Security Demands and the East China Sea: A Growing
Likelihood of Conflict in East Asia?
Arthur S. Ding

China's Energy Security and Its International Relations
Zha Daojiong

The Dilemmas of China's Energy Governance: Recentralization and Regional
Gaye Christoffersen


An Asian Oil and Gas Union: Prospects and Problems
Niklas Swanstrom

China, Kazakh Energy, and Russia: An Unlikely Menage a Trois
Stephen Blank

The Dragon and the Magi: Burgeoning Sino-Iranian Relations in the 21st Century
J. Brandon Gentry


Japan's Central Asian Diplomacy: Motivations, Implications and Prospects
for the Region
Christopher Len

The CEF Quarterly is published by the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute &
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