The China and Eurasia Forum is an independent forum which seeks to bring
together regional experts, academics, government policy makers, and business
leaders with an interest in the growing relationship between China and
Eurasia. The forum is affilited to the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and
the Silk Road Studies Program.

Focusing primarily on Sino-Central Asian, Sino-Russian, and Sino-Caucasian
relations, the goal of this website and the CEF Quarterly (formerly the CEF Monthly) is to foster discussion and information sharing between a geographically distant community that recognizes the significance
of China's emergence in this important part of the world. Please visit our
headlines page to be updated on recent events concerning these topics.

Call for Papers

The China and Eurasia Quarterly focuses each number on a specific topic, but
is open for suggestions on other timely topics related to the region.
Authors with other topics in mind are encouraged to contact the Editor in
advance, as this will increase the likelihood for the article to be
accepted. Each number of the journal is printed towards the end of the month
and authors are encouraged to submit their articles no later than the
beginning of the month of printing.

Topic numbers:

- Energy – October 2005; - Narcotics – January 2006; - Terrorism – April 2006; - Soft Security Threats - July 2006.

The CEF Weekly Newsletter is compiled from the news-summaries in the headlines section and e-mailed out weekly to our subscribers. Additionally, the CEF Weekly includes a «links and resources» section where recent white papers, speeches, press briefings, and articles from other publications are listed and linked (starting from October 17-24, 2005).

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