The International Association of Political Science Students (IAPSS) is proud to announce that POLITIKON - The IAPSS Journal of Political Science is celebrating its 10th issues' anniversary.

POLITIKON is an academic journal meant to offer a proper framework for students
-under and postgraduate- who have a special interest in Political Science. It is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to the political science community by having your paper reviewed and published in this anniversary issue of our journal!

The topic for this number is North - South relations -
colonial attitudes and cooperation for development.
The journal welcomes contributions focusing on any
aspect of the north southrelations, meaning the term
north and south not only geographical locations but
also relations between countries with a different
economic and political weight (i.e. Russia
towards most of CIS Countries)

Contribution may embrace (but shall not be limited to)
one of the following aspects:

- Political history of north south relations, better
if focused on specific countries</li>
- «They do not know what they really need. We do».
Colonial attitudes of Europe, USA, Russia towards
their colonies or subordinated states (Political
discourse or case studies)</li>
- Post colonial attitudes, changes in north south
relations and strength relations</li>
- Beyond colonial attitudes, examples of projects of
cooperation (case studies are welcome)</li>
- Comparative analysis of some North South attitudes
- The future of N/S relations
- Weak democracies: only in the south?
- Democracy: a concept made for the north?

This time, those whose papers are selected for POLITIKON N&#186;10 will have the chance to present them at the 47th Annual ISA Convention on March 22-25, 2006. For more information on the ISA Congress check here.

The requirements for the papers are:

- English language
- A half page abstract (not more than 125 words)
- A minimum of 15 pages and a maximum of 25 pages
written in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 lines</li>
- Bibliography - minimum 5 references, see the rules for references:

The deadline for submitting the papers is the 1st of
August 2005. The articles should be sent at the following address:

For questions and suggestions, please feel free to
write us at this e-mail address:

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