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International Leadership Conference

23rd – 26th June 2005, Lisbon, Portugal

This is a four-day program, which consists of three components: study session “the principles of leadership”, presentations of submitted papers and open discussions. It is open to all of those interested in gaining leadership skills and new knowledge as well as those who want to share their own achievements since the Conference is designed as a special training program for future leaders in different fields. The minimum requirement is that participants have taken at least one year of graduate university courses. Undergraduate students may be reviewed and accepted under special conditions and based on their academic background, CV and past achievements.

International Leadership Conference provides a comprehensive and interactive program in which participants cultivate their cross-cultural, leadership and communication skills and learn about innovation, its importance and ways how to create and implement it.

This program provides the participants with an analysis of leadership, its styles and impact worldwide. Each participant should be able to understand how different cultures, educational systems, political, social and economical environments influence leadership styles. Participants will learn how to motivate and lead people coming from different cultures. You cannot use the same leadership style in every culture and you can definitely not motivate all the people in the same way. Different things motivate different people and move them up into the action. This knowledge paired with the participants' improved communication skills and leadership skills can be a powerful tool to inflict change in their own communities and organizations as a step towards creating good and responsible young professionals and future leaders.

Overall, the program will benefit four different groups of people: graduate students, scholars, company representatives and community members. Graduate students will learn and grow from the new roles they are allowed to take on. Scholars will be exchanging their ideas, learn about some new approaches in this field and pass on their knowledge on to the other participants in order to help creating future leaders but at the same time to improve their own knowledge, leadership and communication skills. Company representatives will gain some practical skills, learn more about leadership and motivation, meet their colleagues from around the world, establish new contacts and most importantly have a chance to get some new ideas that will bring back to their companies and communities. Community members will benefit from the knowledge and resources that the participants bring back to their communities. The benefits of this program will continue to affect all persons involved for years to come.

This project is designed to have lasting effects on the lives of those who participate in the Conference, as well as members of their community. The young persons who participate will gain new knowledge, skills, and resources, which will enable them to improve their relative social, economic, and political positions throughout their lives. These skills and knowledge serve as a foundation for young persons to continue to improve their human capital on an ongoing basis. In turn, these students will become future leaders in different fields- journalism, business, political, and community realms—sharing their knowledge and experience with others and creating positive impacts in the community.


Participants will be housed in a three star hotel situated in one of the best commercial areas in Lisbon- Avenida de Roma. All the rooms are equipped with private bath, AC, telephone and TV. Rooms are double occupancy.


All the lunches and coffee breaks during the Conference are included in price.


Conference fee is 350 Euro, including all the sessions, presentations of submitted papers, discussions, all the lunches and coffee breaks during the Conference, a networking dinner, closing cocktail, all the materials for following the sessions and certificate issued by Tomorrow People Organization. A non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your spot in the Conference and is due April 1st 2005.


Applications will be accepted starting December 25th 2004 and are due March 10th 2005. Simply fill-out the on-line application. Participants will be selected based on the quality of their application and essay. We encourage all persons to apply early. Approximately 70 people, including students, scholars and company representatives will be invited to participate in this highly interesting and challenging program. Successful applicants will be notified within ten days after the application process is closed.


All submissions (papers, detailed executive summaries, cases, and panel proposals) will be reviewed, and acceptance/rejection is based upon quality and relevance to the conference as well as backgrounds of applicants.


This program is for enthusiastic and achieving people from around the world wanting to make some changes around them, get new knowledge, skills and friends and become more useful to their own communities. It targets:

- Graduate students- Meet your colleagues from around the world, make new friends, and improve your knowledge and communication skills. - Company representatives- chance to improve your leadership skills, meet your colleagues, exchange ideas and establish new connections and partnerships. - Scholars- learn some new approaches, hear about others' experiences and pass on your knowledge and experience on to the others. Help creating the future leaders! - Others interested in making some positive changes around them and gaining new knowledge, skills and friends and becoming more useful to their own communities.

More specifically, this program is for:

- Future leaders. Individuals who want to make a difference in this world. You do not need to have years of leadership experience but you do need to have a desire to learn— about yourself, other cultures, and how to improve your community. - People who want to take a chance . Experiencing another culture is an adventure. It will challenge how you view yourself and the world around you. This program is for people who want to open their minds to new ways of thinking. - People who want to make new friends. The program is open to enthusiastic people from around the world. Take the opportunity to make lasting relationships. - People who want to share their own experience and achievements in this field. You will have a chance to present your ideas, experiences and projects in this Conference.


How do I confirm my participation?

It happens on-line. If you are accepted to participate in the conference, you will receive an email notifying you that you have successfully passed our selection. Once you have received this you will be asked to confirm your participation as soon as possible. The final confirmation will be considered the payment of your deposit, which is due by April 1st 2005.

When should I arrive?

You should arrive to Lisbon on Saturday 23rd June 2005, and appear at hotel “Roma” preferably no later than 4pm.

Where does the Conference take place?

The Conference will take place at Hotel “Roma”- a very nice hotel, situated in one of the best commercial areas in Lisbon- Avenida de Roma. It is close to the airport and of easy access to downtown.

Where will I be accommodated during the conference?

We can arrange hotel accommodation for you in hotel “Roma” as well at a special, affordable price we were able to negotiate for our participants, if you sign up in the confirmation form you will get with the invitation email, but you’re welcome to stay at a private place or arrange accommodation on your own as well. We will arrange hotel accommodation for you only for the days of the conference – that is from Thursday 23rd June 2005. evening to Sunday, 26th of June 2005. morning (three nights) and will cost a supplementary 100 Euro. You will have to leave the hotel on Sunday with your baggage, if you haven’t made different arrangement.

Will I have to stay in the hotel?

No, you can arrange accommodation on your own, in which case you pay only a Conference fee of 350 Euro without accommodation included.

How will I be accommodated in the hotel?

Everyone will stay in double rooms. However certain number of single rooms may be available with the supplement of 75 Euro (25 Euro per night). If there is someone in particular you would like to be put in a room with, please specify in the confirmation form that you will receive in the invitation email. If you have no preference you will be placed in a room with a person of the same sex and age.

Is it possible to stay in the hotel before or after the Conference?

Yes, as long as you inform us about your planes on time we can book a hotel room for you. Please, keep in mind that June is a high season period in Lisbon and you will probably have to make reservation at least a month before coming to Lisbon. Our partner provided a special rates in hotel «Roma» for our participants for the days they stay in a hotel before or after the Conference- 57 Euro single and 64 Euro double room, with breakfast and all taxes included!

What is does the Conference fee cover?

The Conference fee of 350 Euro covers: all the sessions, presentations of submitted papers, discussions, all the lunches and coffee breaks during the Conference, a networking dinner, closing cocktail, all the materials for following the sessions and certificate issued by Tomorrow People Organization.

What is the dress code?

There is no official dress code, but have in mind that you will be meeting some company representatives and scholars from all over the world and might be a part of some formal events, so we do suggest having something appropriate for that purpose.

Packing list

Once you confirm your participation, you will get the list of things you should take.


For those requiring visa, please specify in the application form at our web site and make sure your name, address or fax number and passport number are correct.


You will be asked to pay -deposit of 150 Euro along with the confirmation form. It is due April, 1st 2005.The rest of the amount is due by May 10th 2005. However, once we have received your deposit payment plans can be arranged.


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