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Hi all.

This is the second attempt of dicussing and on-line writing of the weekly IDL essays.

The first one had place in the previous semester (September to December 2003), and the perticipants were me and two other FIR students.

If you (Liza and Inna) agree to participate the experiment, please read the notes below; if you would prefer offline discussions (dunno about Inna, but quite sure about Liza), please let me know anyway, and I would cancel the experiment.

[size=4] Objectives /size

  1. To writte better essays.

2. To work out a model of internet conference rules.
I'm going to release this Autumn (or Winter) the next version of the Faculty's website, and we're thinking about holding international on-line conferences and, maybe, DL using this new website. The experience of the two local IDL discussing experiments would be really valuable.

[size=4] Preliminary Rules /size


Access to this forum is granted only for the following registered users of the website:
- arslanova (Ekaterina Arslanova, tutor)
- almadi (Inna Cherkasova, student)
- amix (Andrei Mikhailenko, student)

Currently Liza Vlasova is not registered here but will probably need to enter the forum, so I suggest that she registers.

To get access to this forum one has to:
1. Register at the site (http://fir.usu.ru/users?act=reg)
2. Send an e-mail to webmaster@fir.usu.ru (kind of i'm John Doe, FIR USU student, learning Stanford IDL10x, i'd like to discuss the essays in the forum at FIR website, please let me in), and I will let him/her in if (s)he is related to the forum subject.


As you know, the weeks in IDL are named by their numbers from the beginning of the course.

In this forum we must follow the main rule: one topic for each essay. Please don't mix them up.


Every week we discuss the current essay in the current week topic. I will mark such topic in this way: [color=darkred]CURRENT/color.

Also, every week I create the topic for the next week and quote there the task. This is marked so: [color=blue]NEXT/color.

If we are being late with some essay, the related topic will be marked as [color=red]MISSING/color.

The topics which essays have already been discussed, worked out and posted to the Stanford native forum (not at fir.usu.ru but at stanford.edu) will have this sign: [color=green]OK (x pts)/color. (pts = points we received for the essay.)


Brainstorming is what we are going to do here. Ideas, opinions, links to websites and quotes (with references to sources) are the main material we are about to exchange in the [color=darkred]CURRENT/color essay topics.

Simultaneously, as the [color=blue]NEXT/color essay topic is posted, we have to decide who will be responsible for the essay. «Responsible» does not mean «author» - nopes, we're gonna write all the stuff together (by brainstorming), but if everybody is responsible, then nobody is responsible, and we will cross the deadline and have 2 essays to write... etc. xx(
To avoid this, the decision about who will be responsible should be made as soon as possible (before [color=blue]NEXT/color becomes [color=darkred]CURRENT/color).

Please stick to this scheme or we will get into a mess (it's proven by the first experiment experience). ;)
I personally hate rules of any kind, but in the group work (especially on-line) they are the necessary evil... if the group is going to produce something. And we [u]are/u going.


[color=darkred]Security Notes:/color please remember that if you access the forum not from your home PC but from computers that later can be used by other people (e.g. in Internet classes, etc.), you first log in, work with the website, and after leaving the workplace you must log off. Otherwise your personal information (password) can be easily stolen, and, moreover, all the privileges you have on our website (such as viewing this forum, hidden to others) will be exposed to everyone. So, please don't forget to log off after leaving your workplace.

Another thing I have to mention is an idiotic issue... well... scroll the page up. See an info box called «Forums:» on the right? The first 15 words of the last message are quoted there. So, although this forum is hidden, everybody can see the first 15 words of a message posted in it while this message is the newest in the whole forums. To overcome this, you are asked to type in the first line of a message 15 dots divided by spaces (". . . . . . . . . . . . . . .") each time you compose a message in this forum. Annoying? Yes. But necessary until I release the next website version. :(

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Actually, I find it a great idea and i'll take part in it with pleasure.
First thing I like is that we make it between us three (four) and no one else can read what we actually think about all that, so it's not difficult to protect our fruits of brainstorming. :)
I also think that it's the best way to communicate in a groupe avoiding all those stupid telephone talks and so on. I also think that if our experience is successfull other students DL could follow our way if they like to :)
I also offer in the course of our discussions to give the right of access to DIP as far as I'm sure he's quite interested in all that stuff. :) well, if you aren't against it of caurse.
and there's also one thing: Arslanova has the access to our discussions so she can really see that we do work on the subject. we would really appreciate if she considers our on'line discussions as a new experimental thing and makes us free from those discussions in class if my colleagues are not against it of caurse :)
but anyway I find it a great thing to do.
thanx to your genius, Andrey. :)

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

...to give the right of access to DIP...

Right! If Liz agrees too..

...makes us free from those discussions in class if my colleagues are not against it of caurse...

Hehe. Fancy :)
If only Ekaterina Borisovna could offer us such a possibility...
but since the %№&*@Ё# seminars are now open seminars, i.e. videotaped and shown to all those ultraclever ppl in America, I'm afraid, we don't have much chances.. ;(
but let's hope...

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
well, we can be very obidient and make us present at so called open seminars :) but they woun't last forever :) I mean there will be only 4 or 5 of them at which we are going to be present :)
if such scheme is suitable that's great! :)

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