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Hi all.

Here we go... I'm not sure if it's gonna be the best possible way of writing essays in group but I hope it won't be the worst one.

Let's start... maybe tomorrow?

Some tech comments: access to this forum is granted only for the following registered users of the website: arslanova (Ekaterina Arslanova), victoria (Victoria Lopanitsina), amix (Andrei Mikhailenko).
Other users who will probably need to enter this forum must register (http://fir.usu.ru/users?act=reg) and send an e-mail to webmaster@fir.usu.ru (kind of i'm John Doe, FIR USU student, learning Stanford IDL10x, i'd like to discuss the essays in the forum at FIR website, please let me in).
Currently I've made only one forum for just one group of four students + tutor. If the scheme works ok, other groups are welcome to join the 'project-within-project' - other similar forums would be created.

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